The Essential Guide to Road Tripping With A Baby

Dear Adventure Loving Parent,

One of the best decisions I’ve ever made was going on a road trip with my nine month old.

It was by no means an easy experience, but the three weeks we spent driving across Canada were enough to rival memories of my own childhood road trip to Disney World.

In between all the chaos and joy were comments from friends about how great (and brave) they thought our adventure was and, from many, how they wanted to do the same thing when their child comes along.

Much like other parents were inspired by our (crazy) trip, I was inspired to sit down and put together a book to help them follow through with their own (crazy) trip.

The end result is The Essential Guide to Road Tripping With A Baby.

If you’ve ever deamed of road trippping with your new family, then this is the guide for you. Everything from what to do when you find yourself in the middle of an infestation of army worms with only a tent (leave!!!) to the value of having a well laid out plan when it comes to where you stop for the night (so you don’t get stuck in a prairie dog infested campground that’s so close to the train the ground shakes ALL. NIGHT. LONG.)

To find out more about what you’ll need to take the road trip of a life time, click here.