5 Reasons Why A Failed Content Marketing Strategy Can Be Good For Your Business

A couple of years ago I went looking for a lake. I had heard that not only was it a beautiful spot, but the fishing was supposed to be excellent. In short, it sounded like the perfect spot.

So I did my research, plotted out my route, got up early and spent hours driving in a circle, not quite lost (I knew how to get back), but not really sure of where I was going. I kept ending up back at the same five corner intersection, not sure which road I should try next.


One of the many roadblocks I encountered.

Eventually I got frustrated and went to my backup lake for a few hours of the same old, same old.

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Are You Telling Your Story Correctly?

What’s your best story? I’m sure you’ve got one. We all do.

Mine is about a canoe trip I took with my brother. It was a great bonding experience, as we hadn’t seen much of each other during that time of our lives.

Wanna hear more? Probably not.

What if I told you that the bugs were so bad that we did what was supposed to be a 10 day trip in just 5? You might be a bit more curious now, wondering how bad the bugs really could have been. (The answer is awful. They were just awful.)

Now…what if I threw in the fact that we dumped our canoe after missing our final portage and had to portage through a seagull colony?

What you’ll probably find most interesting though, is that on the third or fourth day of the trip, we were nearly attacked by a polar bear.

“A polar bear? Tell me more!” you say.

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